Most companies understand the importance of communicating with their clients; yet very few make the same investment in time, energy, and money in communicating with their employees.

At Storyteller Communications, Inc. we encourage our clients to treat their employees like customers. In the midst of downsizing, benefit cuts, mergers and acquisitions, or restructuring, you should be communicating more – not less. Your employees want – and need – to know what’s going on at your company. Why? Because fear and uncertainty immobilize people.

Happy, inspired employees put forth more effort than just what’s required. They develop new ideas. They handle complex problems quickly. They re-enchant themselves with the company. They become brand evangelists.

Best of all? When employees understand and commit to your company’s value proposition, external marketing becomes more effective because you’ve essentially turned every employee into a walking, breathing advertisement on your behalf.

Storyteller Communications can help you develop authentic and effective employee communications programs. Together we’ll develop simple, easy to understand messages in everyday language and distribute them through multiple channels. We’ll create materials and campaigns with the employee in mind, answering the “what’s in it for me” every time.

Storyteller Communications’ internal communications services include:

  • Benefit Communications
  • Change Management Consultation & Strategy
  • College Recruiting Campaigns
  • Diversity Communications
  • Employee Communications Planning & Strategy Development
  • Employee Publications (print /online newsletters, Intranets, social networks)
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Executive / Leadership Messaging & Speechwriting
  • HR Program Roll-Out Campaigns
  • Internal Crisis Communications
  • Intranet Site Design & Content Development
  • Learning & Development
  • Recruitment Branding
  • Recruitment Strategy, Messaging & Communications
  • Retiree Communications
  • Open Enrollment Material Development
  • Wellness Communication Campaigns

Contact us today and let’s tell your story companywide.

Consistent, honest communication with your employees increases loyalty and employee satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive employees, so open a communications channel today.