We could tell you story after story of how we’ve increased awareness for our clients; how our efforts have resulted in increased customer leads; and how we’ve helped improve employee morale and loyalty. But instead of us going on and on about ourselves, we thought we’d hand the megaphone to our raving fans and let them tell you themselves.

Marketing Communications

“Are you looking for someone who can immediately identify the business problem and create solutions for it? Are you looking for someone who can take the complex and make it simple, interesting and relevant to a specific audience? Are you looking for someone who is willing to make a promise then ALWAYS follow through? If so then you will definitely want to visit with Kim O’Quinn. I’ve never handed her a project (and there have many, many of those!) that I didn’t receive back far more than I expected. She’s clever, smart, quick, happy, passionate, articulate, purposeful and a delight to be around. If you’re lucky enough to get her for one of your projects, you must be doing something right. Expect the best. She’ll deliver.”

Kathy Ellis
The Business Lab

“Kim really has a passion for her work and it shines through no matter what the project. Kim and her partners are top-notch professionals with very savvy media and communications backgrounds. Kim carries out every project with enthusiasm and never misses a beat. She was wonderful to work with and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.”

Amy Chism
Marketing Communications Rep
Memorial Hermann Foundation

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim for many years now, and will continue to tap into her expertise anytime I have the chance to do so. She is an outstanding writer and a marketing communications veteran who is able to quickly assess the needs and goals of a project, determine the best course of action for her client, and see it through to the final product. Whether it’s an article, a newsletter, a marketing campaign, or something else, Kim always has great ideas, requires little supervision, and always delivers on time. When necessary, she doesn’t hesitate to tap into other resources/experts within an organization to seek critical information that might be required to finish a project. Her goal is always to make things as easy on her client as possible, which is evident every time I work with her. I would highly recommend Kim to any company looking to utilize her services and expertise.”

Julie Kaplan
Operations Manager
Clear Channel University

“Kim was recommended by a colleague who had a long relationship with her. I consider her recommendation the most valuable I have ever received. Kim’s meticulous nature combined with her creative energy is an unbeatable combination for success in any business or economy. She has the ability to challenge you and yet make you feel confident to meet the task. I am not a detail or deadline oriented person, and she has kept me on task while making it enjoyable. Her sparkling personality is a huge plus! I recommend her without hesitation.”

Jim Cain III, MD
Medical Director
Innovative Aesthetics Houston

“Kim is an energetic and expert ambassador for all her clients. She generates results and is a superb investment, both in terms of time and financial resources. She always has the client’s interest at heart, and consistently goes above and beyond to surpass all expectations. She is an articulate speaker, a gifted writer, an inspiring coach, and a wonderful facilitator. Kim has the uncommon ability to cultivate consensus among a wide group of players, and she understands the media (and how to win them over) like no one else. Her positive, encouraging approach makes the impossible seem easy. And on top of all that, she gives away the credit to make every client a hero!”

Elisa Smith
Coral Reef Communications

“Kim is wonderful to work with as a business partner. Her copywriting skills are top-notch. She does excellent work in marketing planning and implementation. I don’t believe Texas Gulf Bank could have found a more perfect fit in a partner for guidance in launching a new branch and guiding our marketing efforts. She is a great asset!”

Lynne Robbins
VP Marketing
Texas Gulf Bank

“Kim is a seasoned, no-nonsense, cut-to-chase communicator with well-honed skills as a project manager and strategic planner. She is an excellent writer and team leader, as well. When she left my team to be on her own, I was devastated! Now that I am on my own, I am thrilled that we will again have the opportunity to work together.”

Pamela McConathy
Foresight Communications Group

“Kim is very energetic, creative and pragmatic. We hired Kim to help us with our marketing messages and strategy and she proved to be very knowledgeable and diligent. She has a very dedicated team of associates that are also creative and energetic. When something wouldn’t work, they would immediately try something else. She is also fair with her pricing. I would definitely hire her again in the future.”

Carlos Bazbaz
Lanterra, LLC


“It has been a real joy working with Christy for the last 10 months. Christy was hired to help write the content for The Sprint Companies new website and she has been patient, professional, and fun to work with! She is very good at asking the right questions and has kept us on track and organized through the whole process. I really appreciate her patience and her ability to get the correct information from us, no matter how difficult it may be.”

Nicole Travis
The Sprint Companies

“Kim is the best B2B writer I’ve ever met. She accurately and succinctly delivers your message in a language your customers will relate to. I highly recommend her without reservation.”

Peggy Swords
Excalibur Exhibits

“Kim is more than a writer. She is a strategist and project manager. Her attention to detail is nothing short of amazing – and her creative solutions are unique. She is fun to work with and calm in a crisis. I really have enjoyed teaming up with her to create solutions with results.”

Robin Leeder
Griffin Creative

Internal Communications

“Elizabeth Peck has been working for Chevron Phillips Chemical Company’s IT Communications division for three years. Liz is responsible for writing IT articles (communicating technology messages in layman’s terms for the general employee audience) for the various internal media (newsletters, videos, web sites) and blast e-mails to all employees. She is also responsible for developing content and web pages for the IT intranet site.

Besides being a self-starter and dependable, Liz shows a lot of initiative and creativity in every project she is involved in. She will work late nights, on weekends or off her regular schedule when needed to complete an urgent deadline or request.

It is a pleasure to work with Liz. Our IT Managers regularly comment on her professional and enthusiastic attitude and on the great job she does on our articles and web pages. She is always prepared and makes our IT employees feel at ease when she interviews them or prepares them for videotaping sessions.

We are extremely proud of the work Liz produces for our IT department. From the multi-media articles and scripts she writes, to the modern updated graphics she adds to the articles and web pages she develops for us, her ideas are always fresh and she makes our communications fun. Her writing is always engaging, accurate, and attention grabbing. She gets our message across in a concise, interesting and informative manner.

To quote Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Chief Information Officer, ‘She adds value to our organization…and does a great job of getting a positive IT message out to our end users.’ That is exactly what we were looking for when we hired Liz, and she’s never given us less than her best.”

Marie Newhouse
IT Training & Communications Coordinator
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

“Here’s the straight story – Kim is a Rock Star. When it’s crunch time, Kim will deliver. She is dependable, produces excellent work, and knows how to meet deadlines. If there’s one person I can count on in my team, it’s Kim O’Quinn. Truly, it’s too bad I haven’t got her assisting me with my work for the U.S. Navy, too…”

L. Michael Corcoran III
Employee Communications Supervisor
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

“Kim provided HR communication and planning for the HR function at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company. Kim’s efforts were fundamental to changing the perception of the company about HR and how it supports the company. She is capable of delivery the needed message with the appropriate delivery means.”

Terri Moody
HR Manager
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Public Relations

“Liz is an energetic, skilled PR pro who is a joy to work with. She is a rarity as a team member because she is a hard-working, self-starter who you can depend on to think strategically on her feet when she needs to. As supervisor, she was always considerate of her teams, making sure everyone was on point as to their roles and responsibilities for each project. Liz also maintained excellent client relations, even when those situations proved challenging.”

Pamela McConathy
Foresight Communications Group

“I have worked with Christy over the past three years on a wonderful social responsibility project for our company. She is attentive to details, thorough and extremely professional. She is great at following up especially since she was dealing with a multitude of different types of media for us including TV reporters, Radio shows, Public Service Announcements, newspaper reporters, etc. I highly recommend her and Storyteller for all your public relations needs!”

Amy Mifflin
Marathon Oil Corporation

“I have known Kim O’Quinn for more than 10 years. We worked together at Pierpont Communications and after we left Pierpont, I contracted with her twice to support the corporate communications teams at Chevron Phillips Chemical and Marathon Oil Company. Kim is one the best public relations professionals in Texas. Her results are always on target and are well received at all levels of the organization. Kim’s advice and counsel is solid. Her internal communications writing is consistently perfect. She quickly learns and demonstrates her knowledge of the company and the communication goals of the department. She delivers what she promises on time and on budget. I would recommend Kim for the toughest PR assignment to day-to-day department needs and everything in between. I can’t wait to work with Kim again!”

Scott Scheffler
Real Estate Broker
Coldwell Banker United

“Liz is a first rate PR professional. She’s an excellent writer and a good strategist. She’s the kind of person who walks her talk — you can count on her to do what she says she’s going to do, and the quality of her work is first class. I miss working with her on a regular basis!”

Gretchen Weis
APR Weis Communications

Recruitment Communications

“I really enjoyed working with Kim. She is creative, energetic, and a great muse. She assisted me and the Clear Channel Recruitment team in developing one of the company’s most effective college recruitment campaigns. Kim also assisted me in writing three articles that were featured in the national trade magazine Radio Ink. I would gladly work with Kim again and would recommend her to any potential clients.”

Spencer Bynes
Director of Recruitment
Clear Channel University

Social Media

“Christy is a very bright, very capable business communicator with fountains of energy and a keen intuition for what works. Most recently, she has learned to excel on behalf of her clients in merging traditional communications strategies and tactics with those of the evolving realm of social media. Christy is also a joy to work with — always positive, creative and “glass-half-full” in her approach to solving client communications challenges.”

Pamela McConathy
Foresight Communications Group

What are others saying about you? Looking outside your organization gives you a genuine look. Share your successes, and more will follow.